Conference Tracks

DevOps & Performance Track

DevOps is the convergence of technologies between application / software development and cloud / server management. The DevOps space has exploded recently due to the need of thousands of businesses to rapidly scale up their web and software applications. This track covers the basics in performance monitoring, DevOps tools, continuous integration, orchestration, and DevOps analytics.

Scaling your Technology Team

Hear from heads of technology about how they scaled up their engineering and development teams. What is the best formula for a technology team? What roles are the most difficult to fill? Do you re-train your teams for new technology or hire external talent? What makes a good engineering manager? Discover the best practices here.

Startups at Scale Track

If you’re a technical or non-technical founder of a startup, you need to start thinking about how to scale up your startup’s technology. What database will enable the most scale? What DevOps tools such as continuous integration and orchestration / deployment do you need to start thinking about? What components of web performance are the most vital?

Containers & Kubernetes Track

Containers & Kubernetes have transformed the way we manage and orchestrate cloud environments. Learn from the industry leaders on the technology best practices and future insights.

Microservices Track

Scaling up your technology means moving away from a monolithic architecture and towards a decentralized microservices architecture. Microservices are changing the way we think about APIs and web services, both public and private. Get caught up on the newest innovations in microservices.

Big Data Track

While we’ve seen the rise of big data, hadoop, and NoSQL, the big data revolution is still in full swing. What are the newest big data innovations you need to understand in order to scale up your technology? At what level of scale do you need to start thinking about big data solutions?